Hidden Meaning of Dreams

Have you ever ever had a extremely unusual dream and thought there should be some form of hidden message behind it? Dream interpretation is predicated on the concept the occasions of your desires serve to disguise the actual that means of your desires or the latent content material goodieline.

The latent content material refers back to the symbolic that means of a dream that lies behind the literal content material of the dream. The hidden that means of desires performed an necessary position in Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic theory. He additionally believed that bringing the hidden that means of a dream into aware consciousness might relieve psychological misery.

Kinds of Dream Content material

In response to Freud, the latent content material of a dream is the hidden psychological that means of the dream. This content material seems in disguise symbolically and comprises issues which might be hidden from aware consciousness, actually because it could be upsetting or traumatic.

One of many targets of psychoanalysis was to research these symbols to be able to perceive unconscious needs and wishes. By bringing this data into aware consciousness, folks might then discover methods to deal with it.

Freud believed that the content material of desires is said to want achievement and urged that desires have two sorts of content material: manifest content and latent content material. The manifest content material is the precise literal material of the dream whereas the latent content material is the underlying that means of those symbols.

To Freud and different psychoanalysts, the latent content material of a dream mattered far more than the literal, manifest content material. Freud believed that the thoughts was like an iceberg. Solely a really small a part of the iceberg is seen above the water—this seen half represents the conscious mind. Unseen beneath the floor of the water lies the large bulk of the iceberg, which represents the unconscious thoughts. Desires, due to this fact, are a method of glimpsing what’s hidden from consciousness within the unconscious mind.

For instance, think about that you’ve a dream that you’re bare in public. The precise storyline of the dream is the manifest content material, however Freud would counsel that there’s extra to the dream than its literal that means. He would possibly interpret the dream to imply that you just worry publicity, that you just really feel insecure, or that you just worry different folks will discover your shortcomings. This hidden that means represents the latent content material of the dream.

Dream interpretation has grown in recognition since Freud’s time. Whereas many popular theories of dreaming counsel that our desires are largely a mirrored image of the hopes, fears, and experiences of our waking lives, dream interpreters proceed to counsel that the latent content material of desires typically holds symbolic that means.

Understanding the Hidden Which means of Desires

A lot of Freud’s psychoanalytic concept centered on serving to folks carry these hidden, unconscious ideas and emotions into consciousness. Freud believed that the latent content material of a dream was suppressed and hidden by the unconscious thoughts to guard the particular person from ideas and emotions that had been exhausting to deal with.

Whereas the thoughts hides these emotions within the unconscious and unconscious thoughts, such ideas, fears, and wishes nonetheless have a means of influencing aware ideas and behaviors. Freud believed that the contents of the unconscious might result in issues and dysfunction.

By uncovering the hidden meaning of dreams, Freud believed that folks might higher perceive their issues and resolve the problems that create difficulties of their lives. In Freud’s psychoanalytic interpretation, desires heart on want achievement. Folks dream concerning the issues that they secretly want and need. Many of those urges could be inappropriate or stunning, so the thoughts disguises the hidden that means within the manifest content material of the dream.

By bringing the symbolic that means to mild, Freud believed that folks might discover aid from a wide range of psychological afflictions.

How the Thoughts Censors Latent Content material

Freud described numerous completely different defense mechanisms that the thoughts makes use of to censor the latent content material of a dream, together with displacement, projection, symbolization, condensation, and rationalization.


Displacement includes changing one factor with one thing else. In a dream, you would possibly end up irrationally upset with a comparatively trivial or seemingly innocent object or particular person. Freud would counsel that this object is just a stand-in for the factor that’s really bothering you.


This protection mechanism includes putting your unacceptable emotions on another person. For instance, you would possibly dream that somebody in your life dislikes you, however in actuality, you dislike them. This kind of distortion reduces your anxiousness by permitting you to specific the sensation, however in a means that your ego doesn’t acknowledge.


The symbolization course of includes performing out the repressed urge in a symbolic act. Freud would possibly interpret dreaming about smoking a cigarette or inserting a key right into a automobile’s ignition as having a sexual that means.


Condensation includes minimizing the illustration of your hidden urges in the course of the dream. A number of dream components could be mixed into one single picture that serves to disguise the actual that means.


The method of rationalization includes taking the entire many symbols, objects, occasions, and those who seem in a dream and remodeling them right into a coherent and comprehensible dream.

Not everybody agrees that desires have a hidden that means, however the concept of dream interpretation stays well-liked. Analyzing the latent content material of your desires could also be one method to acquire perception into issues that could be bothering you.

Nobody desires to take the difficulty of that means to that excessive anymore. However on the lookout for that means with out being ridiculous about it might probably assist us in many various elements of our lives.


When Dave started to attempt to perceive extra about what his supervisor meant when she stated that he wanted to cease taking issues so personally, he started to see that plenty of totally different feedback that she and different individuals had made to him, and which he had taken as criticism of his work, had been really not about him in any respect. In some instances they had been expressing their very own anxieties; and in at the very least one, a colleague was really praising Dave’s work.

Understanding what his supervisor meant allowed Dave to vary his personal angle in the direction of his co-workers and his bosses. To his amazement, six months later he obtained excessive marks on his analysis and a bonus for his work. When he requested his supervisor if he may take this personally, she nodded enthusiastically. “Oh sure,” she stated. “Please do.”

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